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The Vacation Plan: A Way to Reduce Medicare/Medicaid Spending

            Physicians know the healing power of vacations because they take them every year.  My best favorite doctor takes one week with his whole family and another week with his wife alone.  And one day he smiled sadly at me … Continue reading

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The Body of Mental Illness, part II

            I was in the hospital and I needed to take a nap.  I have severe obstructive sleep apnea, so I needed my CPAP (no, dearies, not a Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program, but a Continuous Positive Air Pressure machine—it blows air … Continue reading

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The Body of Mental Illness, part I

I have arrived at the certainty, in this dark winter of my old age, that all chronic mental illness is physical.             In 1946, when I was born, Negroes had miserable lives in American society.  They were restricted to menial … Continue reading

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Assistant needed to do computer work Sort and organize for publication approximately 4000 electronic documents Set up new laptop, including connecting it to existing desktop and printer Assist person with mild learning disability in blogging Coordinate purchase of new printer/copier/fax … Continue reading

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Balancing Act

In recent years the word “balance” has acquired great importance in my life.  You’re never going to have a straight-line, steady, every-day-the-same kind of life, but you can have a balanced life.  After a bad day, you intentionally set out … Continue reading

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Reading the Textbook

An acquaintance and I were talking about our Christian faith.  We agreed that it was all about humility before God and service to one another.             “And taking care of yourself first,” she added.             “Where does it say that … Continue reading

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What a Dept. of Justice Complaint Looks Like

U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Disability Rights Section OMB No. 1190-0009 Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Discrimination Complaint Form Instructions: Please fill out this form completely, in … Continue reading

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