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Opportunity of a Lifetime!

You get to meet me! My awesome aide, Amelia, is taking a week’s vacation from May 22-29 so I need someone to cover for her for a few hours.  Wash dishes, do laundry, cook–stuff like that.  Pay is about $10/hr, … Continue reading

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Crawfish, My Rss (Part II)

Continued from May 8 . . . I wheel back to the other end of the block and get more tickets, then approach the Cajun Café, which is selling gumbo and jambalaya. The problem is that it is the only … Continue reading

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Crawfish, My Rss (Part I)

I went to “Crawfish Fest 5: Taste of Louisiana” in Clinton Square on Saturday. It was overcast and breezy, which wasn’t very pleasant. On Salina Street, at the entrance to Clinton Square, the first thing I came to was a … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Meatloaf

I have quit the vegan diet, and here’s why.  Ten days ago I wrote “Two Hearts on Whole Wheat” ( about Dick and me.  We both had gone vegan about eight months ago, and he had just had his annual … Continue reading

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Weeping Rage

This is Faith Rhyne’s summary: Today I participated in Occupy APA [the American Psychiatric Association’s annual convention in Philadelphia], a small-to-midsize protest that addressed the issue of the upcoming DSM-5 and the dangers of coercive psychiatry. The psychiatrists calmly filed … Continue reading

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Dude: It’s Raining!

The Weather Channel has changed their website again.  I hate that.  We used to go for decades without any changes to our phone service or television.  Now we can’t go eighteen months without changes.  It’s very stressful.  I don’t want … Continue reading

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Getting Fired

According to Richard Gottlieb, MSW and Diplomate with a capital D, last year at the Empathic Therapy Conference Dr. Peter Breggin said, “If you haven’t been fired at least once, you’re not doing your job.” Dick and I had been engaged in … Continue reading

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