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What I’m going to do for St. Joseph’s Hospital

Okay, let’s start with this fact:  St. Joseph’s Hospital blocks this blog as being a “malicious” web site.  That is a very hostile attack on a woman whose writings have been described as brilliant.  Here’s another fact:  when I am … Continue reading

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Children Working in Factories

Yesterday I was told that the nurses on Unit 2-8, as a group, fear and hate me, and that I shouldwrite letters of apology to them. So let’s take a look at the nurse group. In the first place, they’re … Continue reading

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The Perfect Lady

Two or three days ago my sorry ass was dragged back into a room in St. Joseph’s Hospital, suffering from back pain, depression and uncontrolled diabetes.  I was suffering from those things; what the room was suffering from was a … Continue reading

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God v. the Church

From my friend:  “My church issue is simply that the stories and the people are just making no sense to me right now. I don’t know how else to describe it other than that there doesn’t seem to be anything … Continue reading

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“This Woman is Sick.”

In 1999 I left the psychiatric unit on pass.  While out, I took an overdose that put me in the ICU on life-support for a month.  After two weeks on a medical unit, I was returned to psychiatry where I languished … Continue reading

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Up to a Point

I used to get fired a lot and what I discovered was that if I immediately went down and applied for Unemployment then I’d get a new job within days.  If I didn’t apply for Unemployment then I’d linger for … Continue reading

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How You Lose Control (Part III)

See also “How You Lose Control (Part II)” Sara Wall-Bollinger, Executive Director for Health Planning at Health-e-Connections, showed me what appears to be the paper copy of a power-point production.  It says “Who is Health Connections? Health Advancement Collaborative … Continue reading

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