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The Hopes

In June of 1976 I moved on to a job as a gas station manager trainee.  After I was hired, I went out and bought work boots, blue work pants and the required white shirts; I also bought seven sets … Continue reading

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Working for Onondaga County

Civil Service regulations required that the department head hire one of the top three people “reachable” on the list.  Since the list didn’t come out until about six months after the first applications went in, many people had voluntarily taken … Continue reading

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The Shakedown (Part I)

I was twenty-seven years old in 1974 when my fiancé, a Marine Corps fighter pilot, died when his plane crashed.  Absent a future with Bob, I thought that I should do something serious and responsible about my circumstances, so I took … Continue reading

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My career as a citizen began around 1918 with my grandmother.  She was at home on the farm when she observed a man driving his horses up the hill upon which the farm sat.  He was doing this by beating … Continue reading

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Wheelchair Christmas

For decades, my Christmas was like other people’s:  I went home.  Every Christmas I would drive down Route 81 to be with my parents in Pennsylvania.  I took my antidepressants, not knowing that they were the cause of my continuing … Continue reading

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Gina Gamble and the Biggest Business in Central New York

On Friday, December 14, around 7:20 p.m., I went to Crouse Hospital’s Prompt Care.  I was signed in by Patient Access Representative Johanna Schell.  She handed me an electronic sign-in box and asked me to sign for them to access my … Continue reading

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Another Thing You Can Do

NEW YORK (AP) — A new movement has taken off to honor the 26 people killed at a school in Newtown, Conn. The campaign sparked from a question NBC News correspondent Ann Curry asked herself after Friday’s massacre at Sandy … Continue reading

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One Angel and a “Fear Not”

            For all you people out there who are busy hating Christmas, which means you are hating Christmas but feeling too guilty and ashamed to admit that’s how you feel.             And for all you people out there who are … Continue reading

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One Thing You Can Do

What can you do about the shootings at Newtown?  One thing you can do is talk about it.  Not the mournful/terrified/horrified “I know—isn’t it awful?” Talk about gun control. Don’t leave it to Congress and the President.  Talk about it … Continue reading

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Why Did God Let It Happen?

Yesterday Wolf Blitzer of CNN asked a rabbi and a pastor in Newtown, Conn., “How could God let this [shooting of children] happen?”  My answer is this:  God gave us free will; we use it; he doesn’t interfere. The shooter’s parents … Continue reading

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