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Psychiatric Treatment of Hypoglycemia

On Tuesday, I had taken ten times the therapeutic dose of long-acting insulin.  Normal glucose is 100-120.  During the Tuesday-Wednesday night, on the Observation Unit, I had a hypoglycemic crisis in which my blood sugar dropped to 65.  The nurse … Continue reading

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Greetings, Gentlefolk

“I have spent the past twelve days in St. Joseph’s Hospital on inpatient psychiatry (Unit 3-6) with Dr. Roger Levine attending. I am now going to file complaints with the New York State Dept. of Health, NYS Office of Mental Health, … Continue reading

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Animals–Trained to Serve?

In my dozen years as an activist in regard to the government provision of services for citizens, I have acted to improve services for tens of thousands of people; only once have I found the citizen to be wrong. People … Continue reading

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The Quadruple Whammy Day (Part II)

According to Wikipedia, “Colostrum . . . is a form of milk produced by the mammary glands of mammals (including humans) in late pregnancy. Most species will generate colostrum just prior to giving birth. Colostrum contains antibodies to protect the … Continue reading

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The Quadruple Whammy Day

So I woke up yesterday morning and my blood sugar was 367.  Since it is supposed to be below 120, that was a really bad thing.  No point in reporting it to my primary or secondary doctors because they’ve gone … Continue reading

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A Response to “Grief. Despair . . .”

From JJ at Grief. Despair. Mourning. Fear… there is something to great suffering – something so innate about suffering it’s self that is necessary and actually ‘good’ for the human spirit within. Otherwise if I may say, if you … Continue reading

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“Grief. Despair. Mourning. Fear.”

I went to my medical massage therapist this afternoon.  After about twenty minutes of silent massage, I asked her what her assessment was of me.  She replied, “Grief.  Despair.  Mourning.  Fear.” I replied, “No, you’re supposed to say something like … Continue reading

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SUNY Upstate’s $122 Million Boondoggle (Part III)

I had not expected there to be any Part III to this boondoggle but I was wrong. Having discovered that the NYS Office of the Inspector General was letting the State University of New York investigate itself, and that the … Continue reading

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