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The Incompetent Melissas

Correction to yesterday’s post ( I wrote “There is a county benefit card”; in fact, it’s a New York State benefit card. So (continuing from yesterday) what Melissa, the Chronic Care caseworker, does is immediately deny all responsibility for the … Continue reading

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For Want of $5.00

You would think that after 67 years I finally would have gotten used to Daylight Savings Time. Fact: I haven’t. It is a cognitive complexity that I still haven’t adjusted to. Further complexity: people with severe autoimmune diseases often have … Continue reading

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Just another Friggin’ Hearing?

So I woke up this morning and immediately had to write a five-page statement to today’s administrative law judge. The government had been totally screwing me again and I had to put a stop to it. I was incarcerated—not treated, … Continue reading

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The Absolute Total Complete Breakdown of All Things County

The Onondaga County government employs 3322 people, making it the fourth largest employer in the county. However, that fact is kept secret from the citizens. The county, on its official website, reports the largest employers as— 1 Upstate University Health … Continue reading

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