Me in autumn colors

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1 Response to Me in autumn colors

  1. Jack Joe says:

    hey there you are! I haven’t seen this picture of you before… and you’re smiling too!
    oh wait a minute… i see window screens. I don’t think hospitals Have window screens, do they? hmm.
    if you always had that expression on your face i tghink it’s be impossible to be mean to you i really do.

    you had written that the nights were worse –
    I can’t GET to sleep until another few hours. ridiculous.
    If you’d like some chat-company, here i be!
    they shut down the only chat thingy i knew and hads, that messanger msn – i heard someone say iot’s Cloud-Messanger or nothing, and cloud wasn’t free!
    well Thhp to that.

    you have my email address, yes?
    write me offline if you can – or.. or if you like i can add you to My FaceBook Page – csn use their Free Chat-messaaging if you like.
    will no see if i can find or if you Have a FaceBook Page: Please Hold………..
    I sent you a friend request..
    AND it said u were just THERE 18 mins ago – so me thinketh u might just be awake – at Almost 3am!
    the nights ARE the hardest indeed.

    Invite me back and if u feel bored bored BORED!
    or maybe just a bit lonely or dare i say it, a little scared even – – I’m right here.. chat at me.

    stay strong Anne.
    if you ever get in a panic and really need someone there with/for you, you’re just a few hours drive – keep that in mind too alright?
    alright then.
    i’m hoping you’ve closed down for the night and entered sleep – another world where YOU theoresticaly can call All the shots – although that’s never the case for me, even when I KNOW I’m dreaming i still run from the stupid looking monster guy.
    ok – too much info – gotta walk my little Freddie – The Best Dog in the world – tiny but LOUD! Will check back to see if ur still upo or not – going to facebook and see

    your friend, jack.

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