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Call-a-Bus Meets Anne Woodlen

We interrupt this series of blogs about Medicaid patients being unable to get home health aides in order to bring you a short history of Call-a-Bus. Call-a-Bus, hereinafter referred to as CAB, is public transportation solely for people who are … Continue reading

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To Dr. Eastwood, Interim President, Upstate

Dear Dr. Eastwood, I apologize for the fury with which I attacked you this afternoon. The top issue was that the sidewalks on Adams Street are blocked on both sides—one side because of Upstate’s building project and now, this week, … Continue reading

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Of Needles, Sweat and Gardening

The night is lovely, dark and deep. It is spring and all the windows are open. The university is closed so The Hill rests quietly at two o’clock in the morning. Occasional traffic on one of the city’s main streets … Continue reading

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First Anniversary (Part I)

A year ago Memorial Day weekend, I was admitted to Crouse Hospital in Syracuse with extremely high blood sugar. I have diabetes mellitus, type 2. Four times attempts had been made to treat it but I couldn’t tolerate the medicine. … Continue reading

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Wednesday 2 April 2014

The sun is shining. THE SUN IS SHINING. THE FREAKING SUN IS SHINING—DO YOU HEAR ME? Seriously amazing. The temperature is 52 degrees, the crocuses are blooming, the tulips are sprouting, and the snow piles in the corners of parking … Continue reading

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It’s Not the Fire that Kills You

So on the first day I was at home, I had no telephone land line and my cell phone was rapidly running out of power and minutes. So Steve added minutes and found my cell phone charger, which was no … Continue reading

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Truth, Respect and Values

SLANDER Comment from bethany J: “you are quite free with your critical comments about individuals- aren’t you afraid of getting sued? I think you commit slander with these articles.” In the first place, only a fool would sue me because … Continue reading

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