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Our Front Door

Dear Ms Chiamulera (area supervisor for Related Management): Your letter to me on 4/20 was variously uninformed, unreasonable and offensive. When I do not respond to you please be aware that it is not because I agree with you; it … Continue reading

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The Time Warner Way (Part I)

My father was a college professor who had five children and an old 14-room house: he knew how to fix things. I grew up watching him analyze broken stuff and then figure out how to fix it. If it was … Continue reading

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Centro: Cutting Services and Raising Fares–Again

Frank Kobliski, executive director of Centro bus company, has announced that services will be cut and fares will be raised to make up a $5 million short-fall. He said–and did–the same thing four years ago when I wrote the following … Continue reading

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Recovery, Chronic Fatigue and Depression (Part III)

I had learned that the cause of depression is the perception of powerlessness; once I got my power back then I would be all right. Um, well, not exactly. Around 2009 I moved to another HUD-subsidized apartment building in Syracuse.  … Continue reading

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Needing Answers

It began with a memo from the apartment building manager dated October 10 that said “Until further notice, the Community Room will be closed when the office is closed.”  No explanation was given except “absolutely necessary . . . health … Continue reading

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Do You Know?

I have just attended an outrageously unsafe event at the Iroquois Nursing Home. A retiree was offering a piano performance in the Activities room on the first floor. Twenty-five to thirty people in wheelchairs were packed into the room. There … Continue reading

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Starting One Week Ago—Check It Out

The NYS Commission on Quality of Care and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities (CQC) has been supplanted by the NYS Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs.  http://www.justicecenter.ny.gov/ Governor Cuomo Announces Opening of the Justice Center for the Protection … Continue reading

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