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First Anniversary (Part I)

A year ago Memorial Day weekend, I was admitted to Crouse Hospital in Syracuse with extremely high blood sugar. I have diabetes mellitus, type 2. Four times attempts had been made to treat it but I couldn’t tolerate the medicine. … Continue reading

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Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Records

Annotation of Iroquois Medical Records 6/27 At no time have I ever been told that I have acute metabolic encephalopathy. I have not been diagnosed with, or treated for, dehydration in about twelve years. I had two UTIs when I was … Continue reading

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The IPRO Appeal (Part I)

Dr. Stephen Wechsler, my Power of Attorney, has advised me that we should appeal the decision.  I’m not entirely sure who made what decision but I think Medicare made the decision not to pay Crouse Hospital for my time spent … Continue reading

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