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What is Wrong with this Woman? Recovering from Chronic Fatigue and Depression (Part V)

So I went home and took an overdose of insulin, which ended me up in the Emergency Room with a glucose level of about 120, which was pretty wonderful.  I was interviewed by a psychiatrist who said I didn’t need … Continue reading

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Complaint against Roger Levine, M.D.

I am seeking an attorney to sue Dr. Roger Levine and St. Joseph’s Hospital.  Please forward this blog to anyone you might know.  Anne C Woodlen NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH OFFICE OF PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL CONDUCT                    COMPLAINT FORM Office of … Continue reading

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CPEP: Syracuse’s Gitmo (Part II)

            Next, after you walk into CPEP (Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program) everything you have is taken away from you.  Your cell phone, telephone/address book, sweatshirt and Weekly Reader—all taken away from you and locked up.             You are now, unequivocally, in … Continue reading

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