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Of Needles, Sweat and Gardening

The night is lovely, dark and deep. It is spring and all the windows are open. The university is closed so The Hill rests quietly at two o’clock in the morning. Occasional traffic on one of the city’s main streets … Continue reading

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Loving Others

What were the best moments of your life? My last glucose was 544, so I thought this was a good time to collect the best moments of my life. The most recent was in April at the Empathic Therapy Conference. … Continue reading

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The Wheelbarrow

            The wheelbarrow sat in front of the apartment building when I moved in four years ago.  I didn’t notice it then.             Maybe it was the next year that I was well enough to notice it.  It was old … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Going Down (part II)

When I get outside, I see that it’s stopped raining (the restaurant was a dark windowless cave) so I decide to continue on my original path to the Thornden Park rose garden.  And what to do with the breakfast box?  … Continue reading

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