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Home Aide, Homeopathy and Immunology (Part II)

Continuation to https://annecwoodlen.wordpress.com/2014/08/28/home-aide-homeopathy-and-immunology-part-i/ On the bus, I pull out the most recent lab reports. I have been using homeopathic remedies for exactly three months, so how’s it working? There is no significant change in the blood work; the urinalysis results … Continue reading

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Home Aide, Homeopathy and Immunology (Part I)

My day started with a greeting card pushed under my door by a friend. The card said— No matter how crazy my life gets, I know you’ll be there. And when it’s your turn to lose it, You can count … Continue reading

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What Is Really Going On Here?

Last week I called the home health care agency that was supplying my home health aide and asked them what their policy is about aides using cell phones. In the olden days, around 1995, the standard policy was that no … Continue reading

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