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Homeopathic Remedy

“Anne, you mentioned that you did work with a naturopath and were using magnesium to ameliorate your binge eating.  Can you tell me more about that?” Reader, I am working with a homeopath, not a naturopath—big difference.  I am taking … Continue reading

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What is Wrong with this Woman? Recovering from Chronic Fatigue and Depression (Part V)

So I went home and took an overdose of insulin, which ended me up in the Emergency Room with a glucose level of about 120, which was pretty wonderful.  I was interviewed by a psychiatrist who said I didn’t need … Continue reading

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Recovery, Chronic Fatigue and Depression (Part III)

I had learned that the cause of depression is the perception of powerlessness; once I got my power back then I would be all right. Um, well, not exactly. Around 2009 I moved to another HUD-subsidized apartment building in Syracuse.  … Continue reading

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How Not To Be Depressed, Part 2b

2b. Don’t get an autoimmune disease. There is a relatively new area of medical investigation called PNIE—psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology. It says that how you feel emotionally is related to your nerves, your immune system, and your hormones. Who’d a thunk that your … Continue reading

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Trying to Talk to the Doctor (Part I)

Hello Dr. Myhill. I am an endocrinologist in Syracuse, NY. I received your name from a patient of mine with CFIDS. She is adamant that she cannot tolerate any medications. She has very poorly controlled type 2 diabetes mellitus. Her … Continue reading

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Abruptly, I decide to try the empty apartment where I still have a lease but no heat, lights, emergency telephone or furniture, except a bed. I leave the Crouse Hospital waiting room, go outside and wheel down the hill. The … Continue reading

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The Night After Christmas

So back in Upstate Medical Center’s emergency room, after the attending psychiatrist leaves, I lay around waiting for Godot or Santa Claus or heaven knows what. I get no insulin, which I’m expecting, and no antibiotics. When I was admitted … Continue reading

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