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Soul Care

What if we started with soul care? What if we said that it is inhuman to make a dozen people sit and listen to the same CD play repeatedly for four hours while we change their bed sheets? What if … Continue reading

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Why Did God Let It Happen?

Yesterday Wolf Blitzer of CNN asked a rabbi and a pastor in Newtown, Conn., “How could God let this [shooting of children] happen?”  My answer is this:  God gave us free will; we use it; he doesn’t interfere. The shooter’s parents … Continue reading

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Dr. Nasri Ghaly, Psychiatrist (Part 4)

Finally, I think that any physician who administers shock treatment against the will of the patient should be arrested and charged with criminal assault.  Court-ordered ECT is an abomination.  Society does not have the right to invade that most private … Continue reading

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