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Our Front Door

Dear Ms Chiamulera (area supervisor for Related Management): Your letter to me on 4/20 was variously uninformed, unreasonable and offensive. When I do not respond to you please be aware that it is not because I agree with you; it … Continue reading

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The $5.2 Million Man: When Is It Time To Die?

Five-point-two million dollars were spent to keep one 69-year-old retired prison guard alive in the Duke University Hospital ICU for 34 days; he was then discharged to death. His wife said, “I was just hoping it would save my husband’s … Continue reading

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$71? You’ve Got to be Kidding.

It is 7:25 a.m. and the sun is peering bleakly through a haze. The temperature is eight but feels like -12. It is predicted to go up to a blazing 11 degrees this afternoon. “Niagara Falls freezes over” is today’s … Continue reading

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Centro: Cutting Services and Raising Fares–Again

Frank Kobliski, executive director of Centro bus company, has announced that services will be cut and fares will be raised to make up a $5 million short-fall. He said–and did–the same thing four years ago when I wrote the following … Continue reading

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Recovery, Chronic Fatigue and Depression (Part III)

I had learned that the cause of depression is the perception of powerlessness; once I got my power back then I would be all right. Um, well, not exactly. Around 2009 I moved to another HUD-subsidized apartment building in Syracuse.  … Continue reading

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Home Aide, Homeopathy and Immunology (Part II)

Continuation to https://annecwoodlen.wordpress.com/2014/08/28/home-aide-homeopathy-and-immunology-part-i/ On the bus, I pull out the most recent lab reports. I have been using homeopathic remedies for exactly three months, so how’s it working? There is no significant change in the blood work; the urinalysis results … Continue reading

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“I Don’t Know; I Really Don’t.” (Part IV)

Without aides— I only get a shower about once a week. The bed sheets get changed about twice a month. My income is $834/month. I spend about $60/month on private-pay aides. Because there is no one to wash the dishes, … Continue reading

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