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The Time Warner Way (Part I)

My father was a college professor who had five children and an old 14-room house: he knew how to fix things. I grew up watching him analyze broken stuff and then figure out how to fix it. If it was … Continue reading

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Beginning the Weekend

So the woman who was to start next week as my aide called this afternoon to say she won’t be coming to work. Something about her grandson having to go to summer school, and her son bringing him to her … Continue reading

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Wednesday 2 April 2014

The sun is shining. THE SUN IS SHINING. THE FREAKING SUN IS SHINING—DO YOU HEAR ME? Seriously amazing. The temperature is 52 degrees, the crocuses are blooming, the tulips are sprouting, and the snow piles in the corners of parking … Continue reading

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A Little Something for Everyone

Wherein we visit the District Attorney’s Office, the Post-Standard newspaper, HUD management and Time Warner, and are not pleased. The Arrogance of the District Attorney’s Office McCarthy Avenue is a one-block street that runs from State Street to Townsend Street … Continue reading

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